.My name is Olivia.


I’ve got this mission. Well you see, I think we are God’s love letter to the world. I want my life to show the world how much God really loves us. 

If God were to write a love letter to this world, a story to each person, of how He is infatuated with our hearts. A song so sweet no one can turn away. If God were to put that story out there, I’d want Him to say it through me. I want my life to tell that story.


My family and I uprooted from home and hit the road, in January 2012. We have been traveling this beautiful country ever since. We live in a 38 foot, Fifth wheel, travel trailer. We are always moving, meeting knew people every day.

My dad is an evangelist- I’ve heard it called “Preacher on tour”, which is pretty funny. Basically, we travel America, spreading the word of God. My dad preaches at different churches and we follow him everywhere he goes.
It’s just me, my dad, my mom, and younger brother, Noah. Oh, and don’t forget Little Bit (our Jack Russell-Chiuahuah…. how ever you want to try and combine those two names is ok with me. I have no idea).

Follow us along this journey. Our lives have been forever changed, and all for the better.



I’d love to hear from you. 

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