The Blog Turns One

If I could give you one thing, it would be the ability light a fire inside yourself. To fill yourself with the motivation and enthusiasm needed to take on this life. That has got to be one of the greatest gifts. 

I don’t want people to look at my life and say “Look at that girl. She’s got the fire inside of her”. I want them to never see me but for themselves to learn to start a fire inside. I don’t want to be the only one who’s been set on fire; I want to set the world on fire as I go.


To set the world ablaze would begin with one… right?

If I could show one person the truth, then they would speak it to someone else, until we were all consumed. 


But what if I set that one persons soul on fire and the world showed up at their doorstep and blew with its mighty gust until their flame was gone. They’d just keep returning for more fire. That’s why giving the flame is not enough. You’ve go to know how to start your own fire.


So, I’m committing my writing on this blog to this: learning to stand when the wind is blowing at record breaking speeds. Learning to find the truth when the only thing you can here is lies. Learning how to be committed when staying feels like the walls are closing in around you. Learning to remain steadfast. Learning to create. Learning to pray. Learning communication- communication with God and with people. Learning what matters and why. Learning how to start your own fires. 


When the world blows and gusts we can stand strong, because we know how to start this fire again. We’ve learned to build this flaming blaze so strong that the winds can’t blow us out anymore. 


Once you know how to start a fire, you can teach the next person. And the flames keep growing. They all become one. We will be a united flame on fire for the glory of God and no one will be able to put that out. 


So if you’re in, ready to start a spark that grows into a blazing fire, follow me on this journey. Follow me in seeking a soul on fire for the Creator, because I have a desperate heart. I am desperate to be consumed with Him.



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Our trip to New York City last month.



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