I Hear Your Song

  “If the whole world followed you,
Followed to the letter,
Tell me-if it followed you,                                            Would the world be better?”

                   -Wings of Silver-

Even before I found this quote I had this thought in mind. I’d ask myself a similar question over and over, hoping that maybe my answer would be worthwhile.

“If the whole world would listen and heed your word, what would you say?”  Would you say something just to be remembered? Would you tell an unforgettable story? Would you tell the world about all of your problems and questions, hoping someone will have an answer?

I hope and pray that if I ever am so fortunate to receive such great honor, I do not waste the oppurtunity. I pray I inspire every soul. I pray that my words open their eyes. Now they can see all the things they were once blinded to. I hope I lead someone away from the lies they once believed and show them truth. Maybe my words let someone know that they’re not alone, they’re not crazy, and that everything really will be okay. I’d tell them there is a God who really does love all of us, every human down here, and I know from experience.

Right now though, the whole world’s not listening and not everyone is going to heed your words, but I can garantee you, someone is watching you. Someone is listening. Not everyone is going to dance to the song you’re singing but I know that your tune can change the skip in someone’s step. Maybe what they see and hear from you makes their life so much better  maybe the little things you do will motivate them to try something better.

One word of warning though, your tune could drown away their happiness and fill their hearts with grief, so be careful of what song you sing.


Now I could go on all day about what I would say, but today I’d like to know what YOU have to say. What would you tell the world? I really would love to know. Leave a comment below. I’ll be reading.



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