In Route

Today, when we were all packed up and ready to move to our next destination, our camper jacks stopped working. So needless to say, we were stuck. We couldn’t go forward. We had to stay in the same place we’d been, with no way to keep going. You know what we did? We worked and prayed until there was a way.

Sometimes the same thing happens in our journey with God. We get broken. There seems like no way out. No way to move forward. No way to the next destination in our journey. But we must keep going. Nothing is wrong with where we’re at. In fact, it was necessary for us to be there, but everything has a season. Eventually, you must move forward. Eventually, change is a necessity. So we must work and pray until God makes a way. We are meant to keep moving forward and so we must. If you’re in the same place you’ve been for just a little too long, keep praying, keep working to fix what’s holding you in the same position you’ve been in. It’s time for you to make it to the next destination because you will do great things there. You were meant to go there and you were meant to leave here. So let’s Keep Moving Forward.



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